Friday, 13 July 2012

Inside the pretty polka dot packaging

So, here are the contents of today's Topshop delivery.

I have anticipated the arrival of this jacket for two days now, and I sure as hell haven't been let down. This jacket cost £90, whilst I appreciate the craftsmanship and the originality of the jacket I just couldn't justify paying this amount for a jacket. Rewind a few years when buying a house hadn't even crossed my mind and I wouldn't have had to think twice, but with a mortgage in principle and desperately needing my own home every penny counts these days and I have desperately tried to curb my spending.

After much deliberation and consultation with my boyfriend (who wisely advised me it was an 'investment' piece) I was still undecided, my heart told me one thing and my head another!

When I refreshed the page to find out it had already sold out in a size 6, I panicked, thinking the 8 was next, and urgently clicked 'add to bag' the next stage was checkout and that was it... 'your order is complete' the jacket was all mine! I felt that rush of excitement you get when buying something you love then felt that dread of 'what have I just done/spent'

This feeling didn't last long when my boyfriend kindly reminded me I still has £50 of my birthday money left over from him. Result, the jacket technically only cost me £30 (thank god for student discount)

So, the jacket, I've had numerous army style jackets over the years and I definitely think they are a staple wardrobe piece that never really goes out of fashion. Extremely versatile they can be worn for all seasons, lovely over a summer dress or in winter over a chunky knit.

The quality of the jacket is good, although a crystal was loose when I removed it from the packaging. I love it too much to return it due to such a minor flaw so I pulled it off & will glue it strongly back on.

You cannot appreciate the beauty of the crystals on this jacket until you see it in the flesh. It literally sold out within hours but I'm sure it'll be back in stock soon.

I've wanted a nice bodycon mini skirt for a while now and when I saw this I had to buy it. The £18 price tag was even more appealing. I think the print on this skirt will take me through to winter and will look awesome teamed with a chunky knit and ankle boots. For now, I will be wearing it with a black peplum top , also from Topshop.

I was in desperate need of a plain black pair of pumps, my current ones are falling to pieces. I thought these were quite expensive for what they are but I hadn't seen any others I liked quite as much.

You'll see a Topshop shaped pattern emerging here. I'm really not a 'high fashion' kind of girl. I hardly ever buy designer labels and if I do I usually tend to buy them in the form of accessories. As safe as it may seem Topshop is my 'go to' shop, they always have what I need/want, it's relatively cheap and it's good quality, it's a one stop shop for whatever it is you are looking for, so it normally tends to be my first stop.

I'm am currently awaiting a delivery from ASOS and will do a post when it arrives, which I am expecting to be Monday or Tuesday. I refuse to pay next day delivery unless I urgently need something.

You can find all of the above items (subject to change) here

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