Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I've been searching for the pefect pair of tan wedges for a few months now. I wanted something that was practical, so not too high.

I saw a few styles I liked but they were all too high, as I'm not a heel girl on a day to day basis this really wasn't an option for me.

I also didn't really want to pay in excess of £60.

When I saw these beauties in Topshop I ordered them immediatley. I thought the price was very reasonable and the heel height was perfect for everday wear and they had just the heel height I was looking for.

Unfortunaltey, after only three wears the wood effect heel had started to wear away, quite dramatically,exposing the cream rubber underneath. I also noticed one of the straps had started to come away.

I visited the TOPSHOP website and read the reviews on the shoes. The girl that had posted the latest review had the same problem as me, so I figured this wasn't a fault in my shoes, but more than likley every pair would be the same. I returned the shoes in my local store and they refunded me without any issues.

Now I am faced with the impossible task of trying to find another pair of similar wedges.

Have you seen any wedges that you think tick all of my boxes?

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