Thursday, 9 August 2012

Want Want Want

Want want want

Denim dress

Floral jacket

Patterned pants

Black booties
$125 -

Pointy shoes

Just a small selection of the many things on my 'wishlist' - with my current spending ban I fear they'll stay on my wishlist. Although, I do have a lot of stuff selling on eBay at the minute so maybe I should just treat myself?

What are your weekly/monthly wants?

Monday, 6 August 2012

Festival Fashion Frivolities

Festival fashion

Print dress
£49 -

Floral dress
£23 -

Military jacket
£62 -

Crochet shorts

Ted Baker studded boots

Slip on shoes
£26 -

Leather shoes
£26 -

River Island black handbag

Spike ring
£19 -

MICHAEL Michael Kors leather jewelry
£46 -

Miss Selfridge gold jewelry
£8.36 -

ASOS straw hat
£11 -

With my impending festival getting closer and the weather taking a turn for the worse this weekend I have been seriously considering my festival fashion wardrobe.

I suffer the same deliberations every year.. 7 years on and it doesn't get any easier. Trying to prep my wardrobe for rain, shine and muddy fields is a lot harder than it sounds. The uncertain British weather wreaks havoc on my festival packing and I never seem to get the balance right. Trying to stay warm while still trying to look effortlessly 'festival chic' its a chore in itself.

My absolute festival necessities are a good old pair of boots, a pair of sandals just incase we might ever see a little bit of sun, lots of layers you can add or peel off, a trusty parka for when the rain comes and not forgetting the most important wellies.

The first two outfits have been out together in the hope it will be nice and sunny this year at Leeds festival. However, if not (and lets face it, it ain't looking good) the same outfits can easily be transformed with a pair of wellies and a few extra layers, including that parka.

I love these wellies from Ted Baker. I went crazy for them last year but they were sold out everywhere. I am seriously considering buying them as last year my trusty Topshop wellies finally decided they'd have enough and split right up the back... thank god it was the last night as the mud was practically knee deep!

What are your festival fashion must haves? Do you have any top tips?

Saturday, 4 August 2012

19 days : 22 hours : 11 minutes

I will be attending Leeds festival for my 7th consecutive year in just over two weeks time.

Last year, I attended both V festival and Leeds festival within a short 3 days of each other... to say I was a wreck afterwards was an understatement!

This year, the boy & myself decided we'd give Leeds a miss and attend only V instead.....that was until the line up for Leeds was announced.

As huge fans of Miike Snow and never having had the chance to see him before (when will you tour the UK?) the fact they were playing the Sunday of Leeds festival was too much of an incentive for us.

We sold our tickets to a girl I know via good old Facebook and immediately bought tickets for Leeds festival in their place.

We will be travelling down on the Thursday evening and returning on the Monday. Although we will be travelling down on our own, there is usually at least another 15 of our friends that we join tents and spend the rest of the weekend with.

This year however, so far, I am the only female in attendance, queue lots of boring football talk that I have no idea about.

Bands I am most looking forward to seeing are:

Miike Snow, Florence and the Machine, Bombay Bicycle Club, Ben Howard , Azealia Banks , The Black Keys, Gaslight Anthem, The Cure, The Vaccines, Two Door Cinema Club, The Cribs and Niki and the Dove

I will also be paying a visit to the comedy tent to support local lad Chris Ramsay

The weather the past few years for the festival has been horrendous.. I am praying for some sun, although not convinced we'll get any so I am now on the hunt for some new wellies and to re-consider my festival fashion wardrobe.

Have you spotted any cool wellies?  Are you attending any festivals this year?

Thursday, 2 August 2012

A little bit of bling!

I came across this little beauty a couple of weeks ago and although I really liked it at £32 I felt it was a little pricey for what it was.

I've quite fancied an embellished collar for a while now and have came across a few beauties on eBay, but never got round to buying one.

If you've read my 'Topshop haul' post fromm a few weeks back you'll know by now I already own a black peplum top. It cost me considerably less than the one above, despite it looking exactly the same (minus the obvious collar)

I set about searching eBay for an embellished collar and came accross this stunning piece for a mere £6.99 with FREE postage and packaging. Bargain.



It was so much prettier than the collar that came attached to the Topshop peplum top, and with my plain peplum top top costing a mere £18, both the top and the collar separatley came in at £7.01 cheaper.

Ok, so it hasn't exactly lined my pockets with gold, but it does give me the added bonus of being able to wear the top with or without the collar, plus I can add the collar to many more outfits I own.

It did come from China, however, I ordered it on the 7th July and it came today. As I didn't require it for any particular occasion I didn't mind the delay in it's arrival.

The collar is a mixture of gunmetal grey/silver beads and diamantes. It seems pretty robust and fastens together at the front with a hidden hook and eye fastening.

I can't wait to wear it with an array of pieces from my wardrobe, I think it can add such a unique touch to a usually mundane outfit.

You can buy the collar via eBay here

I think I now have a passion for embellished collars and am probably going to spend my evening searching eBay for more.

Do you own any prety embellished collars you think I'd be interested in?

*Images courtesy of eBay

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A day for the ladies

This Saturday my friends and I attended our annual 'ladies day' out at Newcastle Racecourse.

Niether of us are into horse racing as such but its a chance for us to glam up and have a cheeky little bet which we wouldn't normally do.

The weather stayed relativley nice, despite one or two small showers which saw us ducking for cover, but this didn't spoil the day for us and it meant we were able to enjoy the nice weather by sitting outside with our picnic all day.

Every year, we have a little kitty where we all put in an equal amount, and place our bets on the horses, (reccommended by my friend Alli's dad) This year we won £60, which we use to buy us all a few drinks each.

I wore the gorgeous 'Follie' dress by Virgos lounge, which you can find here I first saw the gorgeous Millie Mackintosh wearing it and fell in love, to my horror it was sold out when I tried to purchase it.

Imagine my delight when it came back online for pre-order, I bought it immediatley and eagerley anticipated it's arrival.

I had initially thought the dress was white, but when it arrived it is infact ivory. The top is a lovely soft chiffon material and is pleated, it is also boned, which, although quite a snug fit, is definetly flattering on the figure. The only thing I'll be changing about this, is putting a small stitch in the skirt where it crosses over. Currently it is held together by two very small press studs which tend to pop open at every given oppurtunity, the slightest gust of wind and everyone could potentially be seeing your underwear.

Here is a picture of me before I left for the day and of me and some of my friends from after the races.

I wore the dress with these French Connection Jaafar shoes and a nude clutch from Topshop.

Fascinators and hats are too fussy for me so I wore my hair in an up-do with soft curls. My hair inspiration was also the lovely Millie Mackintosh. I loved how she wore her hair in this photo below for the Bafta Awards this year.

The dress attracted numerous comments and I felt a million dollars in it.

I am attending a colleagues wedding party this Saturday and intend on wearing it there too. Virgos Lounge is definetly my new favourtite store for occasion wear and I would love to own some of their other products.

Have you bought anything from Virgos Lounge? Which are your favourite pieces from the collection?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I've been searching for the pefect pair of tan wedges for a few months now. I wanted something that was practical, so not too high.

I saw a few styles I liked but they were all too high, as I'm not a heel girl on a day to day basis this really wasn't an option for me.

I also didn't really want to pay in excess of £60.

When I saw these beauties in Topshop I ordered them immediatley. I thought the price was very reasonable and the heel height was perfect for everday wear and they had just the heel height I was looking for.

Unfortunaltey, after only three wears the wood effect heel had started to wear away, quite dramatically,exposing the cream rubber underneath. I also noticed one of the straps had started to come away.

I visited the TOPSHOP website and read the reviews on the shoes. The girl that had posted the latest review had the same problem as me, so I figured this wasn't a fault in my shoes, but more than likley every pair would be the same. I returned the shoes in my local store and they refunded me without any issues.

Now I am faced with the impossible task of trying to find another pair of similar wedges.

Have you seen any wedges that you think tick all of my boxes?

Monday, 16 July 2012

She wore an itsby bitsy teeney weeney...

I have been cursed (or some might say blessed) in the chest area.

With a size 6-8 dress size & a 32DD chest lingerie and bikini shopping has always been a bit of a nightmare for me.

Thankfully, these days the great British high street is a lot more sensitive and more often than not allows us to mix and match our bikini tops and bottoms.

I don't have a holiday booked yet but as I have two weeks off from work in September and with trying to find the perfect house being harder than I thought, a much needed sunshine holiday is looking more and more appealing.

Imagine my delight when I discovered ASOS now do a 'fuller bust' bikini range. There is an array of different styles and prints to choose from, and the tops come in bra sizes which is a godsend.

I got this first bikini from ASOS as it went in the sale, it cost me a mere £11 for both the top and the bottoms. The bandeau style bikini suits my figure more than a triangle style bikini does. It seems to minimise my chest size and saves my modesty a bit more.

I really like the lace style print of this bikini and the rope effect ring detail on the top and bottoms adds a nautical theme. The top has a plastic clasp fastening, which feels a lot more safe than a string tie. It also comes with a detachable halterneck strap which will save you any annoying tan lines.

I have got my eye on a few more of the fuller bust bikinis from ASOS but I am hoping they'll be going in the sale soon, although quite cheap individually, when buying a few bikinis in one haul they can come in quite expensive.

ASOS have a range of bikinis for both bigger and smaller busts here

I saw this bikini on the George at ASDA website and I just had to have it. It was from the graduate fashion week range. When it came I was even more impressed than I had initially been. It has moulded padded cups which is ideal for my bigger bust, giving shape, control and a firm hold.

The colours and the print of the bikini is stunning. It is stylish and not frumpy (a problem I often find with larger bust swimwear)

At £8 for the top and £4 for the bottoms, I only wish the same bikini was available in differnt colours/prints. It certainly looks and feels more expensive than it is.

I love the tie side detail to the bottoms, I often find with larger bust size bikinis the bottoms that come with them often have thick sides or are more like a boxer short style, which is so frustrating.

George have came up trumps wth this bikini and I honestly think it is the best bikini I have ever bought. The range also boasts a swimming costume and a kaftan in the same print.

You can buy this bikini and some other beauties online at George here

Friday, 13 July 2012

Inside the pretty polka dot packaging

So, here are the contents of today's Topshop delivery.

I have anticipated the arrival of this jacket for two days now, and I sure as hell haven't been let down. This jacket cost £90, whilst I appreciate the craftsmanship and the originality of the jacket I just couldn't justify paying this amount for a jacket. Rewind a few years when buying a house hadn't even crossed my mind and I wouldn't have had to think twice, but with a mortgage in principle and desperately needing my own home every penny counts these days and I have desperately tried to curb my spending.

After much deliberation and consultation with my boyfriend (who wisely advised me it was an 'investment' piece) I was still undecided, my heart told me one thing and my head another!

When I refreshed the page to find out it had already sold out in a size 6, I panicked, thinking the 8 was next, and urgently clicked 'add to bag' the next stage was checkout and that was it... 'your order is complete' the jacket was all mine! I felt that rush of excitement you get when buying something you love then felt that dread of 'what have I just done/spent'

This feeling didn't last long when my boyfriend kindly reminded me I still has £50 of my birthday money left over from him. Result, the jacket technically only cost me £30 (thank god for student discount)

So, the jacket, I've had numerous army style jackets over the years and I definitely think they are a staple wardrobe piece that never really goes out of fashion. Extremely versatile they can be worn for all seasons, lovely over a summer dress or in winter over a chunky knit.

The quality of the jacket is good, although a crystal was loose when I removed it from the packaging. I love it too much to return it due to such a minor flaw so I pulled it off & will glue it strongly back on.

You cannot appreciate the beauty of the crystals on this jacket until you see it in the flesh. It literally sold out within hours but I'm sure it'll be back in stock soon.

I've wanted a nice bodycon mini skirt for a while now and when I saw this I had to buy it. The £18 price tag was even more appealing. I think the print on this skirt will take me through to winter and will look awesome teamed with a chunky knit and ankle boots. For now, I will be wearing it with a black peplum top , also from Topshop.

I was in desperate need of a plain black pair of pumps, my current ones are falling to pieces. I thought these were quite expensive for what they are but I hadn't seen any others I liked quite as much.

You'll see a Topshop shaped pattern emerging here. I'm really not a 'high fashion' kind of girl. I hardly ever buy designer labels and if I do I usually tend to buy them in the form of accessories. As safe as it may seem Topshop is my 'go to' shop, they always have what I need/want, it's relatively cheap and it's good quality, it's a one stop shop for whatever it is you are looking for, so it normally tends to be my first stop.

I'm am currently awaiting a delivery from ASOS and will do a post when it arrives, which I am expecting to be Monday or Tuesday. I refuse to pay next day delivery unless I urgently need something.

You can find all of the above items (subject to change) here

Topshop haul

This afternoon I have taken delivery at work of two packages from my favourite ever , TOPSHOP

One of the packages contains an item I saw Topshop post on instagram a few weeks ago and I've been anxiously checking their website daily for it ever since.

On Tuesday morning it appeared online and after contemplating whether I could justify the price tag for a period of approximately 15 mins I proceeded to the checkout.

Boy am I glad I did as around half an hour later the item was completely sold out and had been removed from the site.

I'll post an update with the contents of my lovely spotted packages later.

First timer!

So ... my very first blog!

After first stumbling across Millies blog just over a year ago I have became addicted to sourcing out the best blogs and adding them to my daily reads.

Since then I have yearned to create my own blog but as a full time worker and a part time university student I just never felt I had the time.

Now I have a little more time on my hands as I have finished university for the summer, I've decided to take the plunge and give the blogging world a whirl.

I intend for my blog to be mainly fashion based with touches of my lifestlye in general and anything that I find remotley interesting.

As my job is office based it involves me wearing 'formal' attire. Therefore, as much as I would love to, my blog won't contain many OOTD posts, as I don't want to bore you all with my tedious day to day outfits. I'll keep these posts for nights out and weekends etc, basically anytime Im not in work.... which at the minute feels like 24/7.

I promise I will try to post as often as I can and hopefully keeping it as interesting as possible for you all.

Until the next time...